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The cotton industry is constantly striving to develop new and improved methods for producing quality products at a reasonable price.  The cotton industry continues to look toward the future at further improving their product while providing employment opportunities for millions of people in a variety of related areas.

Cotton related job opportunities can be found from the farm where the cotton is produced to the department store where the garments are sold.  Cotton supports the dairy industry by providing a source of food for the milk cows.

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The United States cotton industry exports 6 million to 9 million bales of raw cotton every year. The annual value of the cotton exceeds $3billion.

Cotton seed can be processed to produce oil for cooking and blending with food products.  Jobs can be found in the trucking and transportation industry as it is often transported thousands of miles from the cotton gins to the cotton mills, and then again to the distribution outlets.

Transforming the cotton boll through the processes of delinting and cleaning at the gin to processing at the mill for spinning and weaving fabric requires a trained labor force.

The dying of fabric and the assembly of clothing and other products can provide employment for many.  High quality papers requiring cotton and paper mills employ thousands annually.  The fashion industry needs trained individuals to select the proper combination of fabrics and design to market them to the public.  Fashion models rely on these products in their profession.  The cotton industry continues to find new and improved uses for cotton worldwide and the public fuels continuous demand for this important commodity.  With cotton having all these uses and benefits, it has certainly lived up to the name it was given years ago...."White Gold."

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